"I've wanted to box since I was 3 years old. Unlike most girls who want to model or sing or act. I aspire to be more than what's expected of me."   

Asilla Green is a 16 year old viner from Troy.Alabama. She's wanted to box since she was 3, but unfortunately, her mother didn't support her ambition. She trained anyway, going against her wishes.Her father is serving in Afghanistan.She is openly Christian,attending church every sunday and often sings her favourite hymns. She and her sister are abused by her mother because she's alcoholic. Her pride and joy is her guitar.

She appears in FanofAll's story Kissed with a Fist


Asilla was born and raised in Troy, Alabama. Her father went to serve in Afghanistan in 2007. Her mother started drinking shortly after. Asilla loves to play guitar and sing, often doing so after after having  her mother drunkenly tears her a new one. She likes sitting under the big oak in her front yard. She lives next door to Baylor Barnes, of DEM_WHITE_BOYZ.

On her 16th birthday, she receives a letter from her father. It says he'd be returning next year.She  seems to have brightened up at this.

Sometime between the letter and her junior year, she developed a crush on Baylor.