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"Every night, it was the same fucking shit. Dad would get off work, have a beer and then beat the the living hell out of my mother.He started beating her on their goddamn honey moon. But the first time that fat fuck raised a hand to me, I grabbed the cast iron frying pan and put that son of a bitch on his ass.No way in hell was I going to be his punching bag.Nunca más. "

Nina Ramirez was born in Havana,Cuba in 1997. Her parents moved around Latin America until she was 7. She doesn't remember all the places she lived, but significant places in her childhood were:Guatemala,Puente Ruinas, Galapagos Islands,Canary Islands and Buenos Aries.Her family Immigrated to America in 2004. 

She comes off as an angry teenager but it's not unjust. Her upbringing was very violent and sporadic at best.  She is greatly concerned for her mother's safety. 

She appears in baby Cade's story Never Again.


She's seen her mother go through glass windows and be up making breakfast the next morning. She dislikes everything she's seen and it makes her angry.  She often rebels at school and this leads to the school to put her into a mentor program.