"You calm the storms,And you give me rest. You are the strength that keeps me walking. You are the hope that keeps me trusting. You are the light to my soul.You are my purpose. 

You're everything. "

Runaway is a story by FanofAll.

The story is about runaway teen Skye Blue who meets Vine star Matt Espinosa. 


Skyler Vanrossa,AKA Skye Blue was born in Woodbridge, Virginia before being put up for  adoption.  She was moved from foster home to foster home, before ending up in a group home near Baltimore, Maryland. She escaped 2 years ago with nothing but a stolen wallet and a knife. She managed to get a bus to Woodbeidge and found a motel for the night(Using a fake ID.)  She spent the next morning in the library, looking for any possible link to her birth parents. She can't find anything so far and ends up running into Matt Espinosa.After that, a tumultuous friendship sparks, which leads Skye to develop something she's never felt before. Frightened by her new feelings, she confronts Matt and tells him that it doesn't matter what she feels, it's not going to happen.  Despite not allowing herself to fall for him, she ended up doing so in the process and just as Skye comes to term with her feelings, she gets a twist of fate.  All the time she was searching for her parents,her parents find her.