"I never knew my father.Not really.  He went to jail before I was born.And Me? I was born 3 months too early. Given 30 days. Yet here I am.Because I'm a survivor.  I never really saw my dad until I was 5.  I was 'inspected' by child services when I was 8.My mom died when I was 13. My dad left me in my aunt's care and took off. I haven't seen him for 3 years and then he decides to jump back into my life like nothing happened."

Serenity Kyler or SerenitySlashah☼ is a 16 year old youtuber and viner from The East Coast. She's lived with her aunt and her cousins Rome and Nathaniel. since she was 13.  She is damaged because of her parent's abandoning her.  She has an insulin pump on her back, because she was born with type 1 diabtetes. Also has OCD. She appears in Baby Cade's story Compulsive .


Serenity was born in her parents home in an unknown place . Her mother re-located to the East Coast to be with her sister. Her father was released from prison when she was 5. She never says why he was incarcerated, but it's implied it was a drug related charge.  Her mother died of a drug overdose when she was 13. Her father dropped her at her aunt's and dropped off the face of the earth. 

She's in a band with her cousins.

She frequently turns lights on and off. Once ran down the street screaming the f word at the top of her lungs. The police were called, but she wasn't charged.  She spent the night in a psych ward. She has a tendency to open doors insanely.

On her 16th birthday, her father came back into her life and she's not too happy about it.

She has loads of fun on hot school days, because this years her spare is in the grade 11 boys gym period. On the first day when the period started, she actually screamed

"It's Raining Men!" 

It was quite awkward because she only knew a few of the boys but she didn't care. She's rather insane.  She is fun loving and loud.